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We are a licenced company operating in Wollongong, NSW.  With more than 35 years of experience, we are proud of the services we have provided our customers who are ready to give reference if you need one.

Why you might need re-roofing?

Damage Due To Bad Weather
Storm can damage your roofs in many ways. If you have a metal or tile roof, storm can tear the metal panel or tiles away. Storm can bring in debris such as branches, tees crashing on your causing it to break. Falling hail can break your tile put a dent or worse hole on your metal roof. If the storm is intense it can damage the basic structure of the roof. Such roof would need immediate attention and reroofing.

Old Roof
No matter how well-maintained your roofs are they are bound to degrade over time. Old roofs go through a lot, bad weather, rainwater, humidity, sun takes a toll on some of the most strongest roofs as well. Metal roofs and tiled roofs last between 10 to 20 years depending on the quality of the initial material used and maintenance. If you see damp spots near the ceiling, mold growth and broken or rusted parts on the roof, it is best to call call our examination team. They can determine whether your roof would need re roofing or repair can fix the problems.

To Keep Your House’s Value
A house that has a roof that is old and crumbling down is not good either for living or for sale. Bad roof conditions lowers the value of the property significantly if you are trying to put the house for sale. Even if you are giving the house for renting you might find it hard to get tenants who will pay good rent. The best option is to re-roof. It is an investment that will be far more profitable in the long run.

For Roof Extension
When you’re thinking of a new addition to your house, a new roof is the desired option. You may be expanding part of the house to make that floor larger. Big remodelling involves changing the roofline and adding the new roof. Nevertheless, the old roof and the new will always match together. That’s why we have a qualified professional who will make sure that the new roof suits the old.

We work with trained and certified workers who know what they are doing. If you are looking to build a new roof, need roof for extended part of the house or need re roofing services, we are always ready to serve you whenever you need.

Bluescope Colorbond

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What We Do ?

Metal Re Roofing

Metal roofing are vulnerable to rusting over time. If need complete re roofing for your metal roof, we are the people for you. We install Colorbond Steel from trustworthy manufacturers. We provide warranty for your metal roof. You can choose the colour of your roof from the wide selection of roofs Colorbond steel provides. You get durable and highly weather resistant roofs with your metal roofs.

Roof Tiles

We specialise in re roofing and installing new tile roofs. Whether it’s terracotta or concrete tiles, we know how to perfectly install a tiled roof to make them look great.

Terracotta tiles increase the aesthetic value of the house, they are easily replaceable and comparatively easy to Install.

Re-roofing other components of the roof

We replace and re-install gutters fascia boards and downpipes as well. Fascia boards and gutters often degrade and get damage with time. Keeping such damaged components will damage the roof of your house. The water may seep into the building destroy the structure. We have metal as well as vinyl Fascia boards and gutters. Take your pick and we install it on your roof.

Why Choose Us ?

We offer very competitive pricing. If you need an affordable yet high quality products and services, give us a call for your no obligation measure and quote.

We have a great relationship with manufacturers so we can get you good discounts on products. We are fully Licensed and Highly Experienced roof Contractors. We have several years of experience in the industry.

We know how to make durable and perfect roofs that look great and are strong as well.

We take full responsibility for damage to your property while we work on it. If we cause any accidental damage we will get it covered.

We are Professional roofing contractors, we know what we are doing. You can rely on our efficiency and work ethics.

We use the most trusted material suppliers, no matter the type of roof you have, we use material that is tested and stands up against natural elements. Our roofs will make your house look elegant, it will reduce electricity bills and provide you a strong roof.

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