Roof Restoration And Repairs

We offer uncompromising roof rehabilitation and roof repair facilities at an affordable price.
With 35 years of combined experience, Pro Roofing Wollongong is a family-owned business. They represent the Australian people of Wollongong NSW.

Professional Roof Repair In Wollongong, NSW

Our Roofing service provides everything from installation to roof cleaning, roof renovation and roof replacement.

We’ve made a name for ourselves in the roofing, maintenance, gutter washing, roof cleaning of the Wollongong as our seasoned workers and roof cleaners offer professional, expert and foolproof services.

Our professional roof cleaners, experts in roof tiles, roofs, and professionals in roofing will do whatever work is required for your roofs and roofing.

Maintenance of the roof, cleaning of the gutter, repairs of the tiled roof, tiling, re-roofing, replacement of the roof, anything that you can add to the word roof – we cater for!

Pro Roofing Wollongong offers the best roof restore advice and service to ensure that your house is protected from natural elements.

A brief overview of our Roof Maintenance facilities is FREE review and first-visit assessment as follows.
Our scheduling is adjustable. When you want, we’ll send our men you can fix the schedule according to the timing.
Re-bedding of ridge cap.
Pressure to wash dirty roofs.
Substitution / Renewal of broken tiles.
Clean and remove any remaining tiles / broken tiles from your home.
Registered metal repairs, as well as roof tiles.

We can repair your leaking roof, we will come out and evaluate your particular situation and advise you on the best, most cost-effective way to handle the repairs.

Typically these repairs include replacement of broken tiles, re-bedding, and pointing of capping ridges and valleys. We also patch and rebuild roofs made of metal. All work is quoted before the beginning of the work and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have before we begin. Provide helpful services for roofing and roof repair across NSW.

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Roof Restoration

What We Do ?

We’re going to look at replacing gutters, modern installation and washing. If the fascia board is not bad, we must ensure that it is patched and fixed.

Call us today for a free check and quote / evaluation of your canopy and valley irons or book in for a clean canopy.

We will put the roof back to its former glory. Ideal for refreshing your home, maybe you’re thinking about selling and what’s added street appeal to you? Your first impression is deserving of the right house.

We provide a full array of Roof Cleaning services. A filthy or overly mossy roof can provide the perfect breeding ground for a fungus, mold or mildew to flourish inside your house. If your roof isn’t cleaned, a filthy or uncared roof will cause additional costs in the future.

Pressure washing of your roof is an effective and affordable way to maintain one of your home’s most significant components.


Gutter Repair

We will repair broken gutters or valley iron and replace them and provide an outstanding cleaning service to keep the guttering device in top shape.

Broken or insufficient guttering or valley irons can cause leaks within your roof space, maintaining the guttering network well maintained will reduce the likelihood of potential leaking of roofs.

Gutters that contain too much dirt, moss or debris can not only cause fire hazard in the hot summer months, but can also affect the gutter angle that leads to water build up and leakage through the roof.

Re Pointing Services

By depending on the Pro Roofing Wollongong team to complete superior and skilled roof cleaning and repointing homeowners Wollongong will be able to have greater trust in the condition and safety of the roof of their house.

Our professional specialists use only the right materials and equipment to return the roofs to their former glory by taking a detailed approach to the repair of roofing systems.

To properly clean and maintain the roof we use modern equipment and system. It can make your house look brand new and well kept. If you want to give your house a new look, then try re-pointing.

Roof leaks rEPAIR

We can fix, prevent, or stop any small or large leak that you may experience. We provide a complete service from a simple broken roof tile to a complex flashing problem to get your roof back to its best condition to protect your most valuable asset in your home.

mETAL rOof Repair

If you have metal roof, you will know that metal roof face issues such as bend metal sheets, rusted parts and leaky spots. You can call our experts to come and assess the situation of your metal roof. We can repair all types of metal roofs, we can fix the rusted part and put a waterproofing coating on, anti-sun coating to improve temperature control etc.

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